Characteristics of High Performing Teams

What I have learnt from this training is that teams are not built, they evolve!

Faizan Umar’s – (Assistant Director at The State Bank of Pakistan) testimonial after attending one of our team building sessions.

This is true for teams. We are usually put into working groups in our organisations and most of the times we associate ourselves with pseudo teams, thus hampering our ability to grow as a team, creating impact and improving efficiency. So what are the core characteristics that can lead individual teams to move the spectrum from potential teams to high performance teams (HPT). I have sought out 8 such characteristics below that can position working teams to move up this learning curve.

  • Perspective Leadership:

Usually when we enter into a team we have a pre-conceived notion of someone having the lead role. That someone will presumably be accountable for running the team on task and time stipulations. However, an HPT has nothing like a team-lead. Perspective leadership is a slightly more mature version of shared leadership that focus on the strengths of each individual essentially empowering and subsequently enabling members to take responsibility for their actions. This enables each member to act as a lead when its their time to, thus enabling ownership, reciprocity and trust.

  • Aligned on Purpose:

The purpose of an HPT is always bigger then each and everyone. It usually is an impossible feat that such a team is challenged with that enables them to come out of their cocoons and develop into strong individuals who collaborate for the greater good.

  • Task Focused:

Each individual is focused on the task at hand and its completion with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. HPT’s don’t need to be reminded of deadlines or motivated every now and then, they are set expectations high and are intrinsically motivated individuals who love to take on challenges and complete tasks.

  • Shared Responsibility:

Every member of HPT wants to take on responsibility rather than shift the blame to the other. Creating an atmosphere of trust, belongingness and a shared vision augments a share responsibility augments

  • Innovative:

Each an every individual in an HPT is an Intrapreneur. i.e. their sole purpose is create innovative solutions. This innovation goes a long was as it can saves time, energy and resources for the organisation. They have a long sustainable approach rather than a short term profit oriented one.

  • Problem Solving

Taking long team sustainable approach rather than a one time quick fix approach, they want to solve problems rather than beating around the bush and causing further havoc. The team players are solution focused rather than problem focus, so when someone identifies a problem they have the solution.

  • Communicative

Communication is one of the key factors that drive HPTs. They understand the importance of how to communicate through a variety of cultures. There is an open environment where discussions are encouraged, ideas are shared and experimental failures are reflected upon. There is utmost transparency among team members, they share almost everything relevant to a project or assignment, avoiding assumptions that can hinder or lead to last minute disruptions.

  • Responsive

HPTs are flexible. They are quick and positive to respond to change and adapt accordingly. Each team member is approachable, open to suggestions and willing to make it happen. Being responsive enables the team to act fast and be resilient.

Creating a culture of learning is part and parcel of HPTs, if you want to take this leap feel free to get connected with us and let us worry about the rest. When working with teams it is important to us that we understand your context, so all our programs are be-spoke and according to your needs. Our Team Building Programs take place through engagement, its is a process where the facilitator orchestrates the process and the rest is magic! These sessions instil fun, learning, experience, excitement and a spice of the contemporary theoretical frameworks! So don’t miss out, get connected with us today.

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