The Bullet-Proof Manager

Great managers are the life blood of the business. Day in and day out they provide the same essentials to business as blood provides to the body. So much so that if one of the following competencies were to erode from effective managers, the difference is organisational performance is astounding, however, it is not merely observable by the naked eye. This is where a keen sense of observation is required by a specialist who understands organisations like doctors understand the human body. Individuals like myself are therefore sometimes termed as organisational doctors or consultants who are called in to assess the issue at hand. Using special tools and techniques developed by the best researched in Human Capital, we identify the problem and synthesis a holistic solution to not only eradicate, but also enable the organisation to function efficiently even after we have left. We therefore, believe in transferring over these tools and techniques to enable you to increase organisational performance.

We believe that Managers are the individuals who face the business head on, hence, they need to:

  • Manage Projects,
  • Create Business Cases,
  • Delegate Work,
  • Manage Communication Upwards,
  • Provide Feedback Downwards,
  • Run Effective Meetings,
  • Manage Time Efficiently,
  • Have Amazing Presentation Skills,
  • Understand Basic Accounting,
  • Get Work Done!

P.s These competencies are generic and are not in a ascending order, they are all equally important to become an effective manager. Nevertheless, if you would like us to help you evaluate your organisational performance, feel free to get in touch!

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December 10, 2018

The Bullet-Proof Manager

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