Overview :

In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in data, giving rise to Big Data and Analytics in the fields of business and strategic decision making. The huge demand from shareholders to bring transparency and pushing to report Human Capital ‘the most expensive asset on the balance sheet’ and initiatives taken towards its performance has given rise to HR Analytics. So now we see a lot of interest around HR analytics that is stemmed from two places; one is the interest of managing the value that people bring in and the second, on how we can increase the current performance of our people to optimise growth. However, this all boils down to the fact that how we manage, select and present the right data in a meaningful way to make future predictions and decisions.

HR analytics is a field that is currently emerging and has tremendous energy. Who is the right person for the job, who should we hire, who should we promote, what kind of career paths make sense within our organisation, what communication and collaboration patters work well, are we providing the right rewards to our people? Moreover, the biggest issues arise around training and whether its working and what is our return on invested talent? What HR analytics enables us to achieve is to put data behind all our words, to ensure credibility.

Our Mission

To use the right HR analytics tools to enable our clients to recruit, retain, assess and develop the right talent for the right jobs.

Our Vision

Optimizhr is a Human Capital Consultancy with its central focus on research, analytics and industry insights.

Our Value

We work with organisations that take their People seriously. Our services include People Analytics, Talent Strategy, Management and Leadership Development.

How We Work :

Optimizhr is a Human Capital Consultancy with its central focus on research, analytics and industry insights. We enable organisations to identify their personality i.e. corporate identity through analytical tools and evaluate whether they have an HR strategy in place to select, develop and retain the right talent. Using our innovative tools, we gauge the organisational culture and fine-tune it accordingly enabling them to create an image of themselves and an experience that can attract and retain the right talent, hence reducing their Human Capital Risk i.e. employee turnover. Our expertise lies in designing and executing critical programs from business-driven HR to innovative talent, leadership, management and change programs. Furthermore, we provide services around coaching and mentoring to teams that would like to reap the best performance from their workforce.

The term Human Capital embodies the knowledge, skills, health, and values that contribute to making people productive. These qualities, however, are hard to measure, and quantitative studies of human capital are typically based on the valuation of the lifetime income that a person generates in the labour market. Human Capital is one of the most pressing enterprise-wide risks and is a regular feature on the Government Accountability Office (GAO) high risk list. Due to budget constraints, increasing regulatory requirements, and a growing skill gap, organisations are simply unable to place the right person in the right role performing the right task at the right time.

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